1984 Davis Standard laboratory sheet line

1984 Davis Standard laboratory sheet line

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Used 16" Davis Standard Pilot/Laboratory size horizontal sheet line consisting of the following:

(2) 1" Killion/Davis Standard pedestal style Co-Extruders each 24/1 L/D driven by 3HP AC motors with individual temperature control panels, grooved feed throats, general purpose 3:1 barrier type screws and air cooled barrels

1.25" Killion/Davis Standard primary 30/1 L/D extruder driven by a 15HP AC motor, grooved feed throat, general purpose 3:1 barrier type screw, individual temperature control panel, gear pump, and air cooled barrel

Co Ex Block and downward positioned sheet die with multiple inserts for co extrusion. AAAAA, BBAAA, CBAAA, AABAA, CAAAB, CCCCC, CBABC, BAAAB, ABCAA

Davis Standard horizontal sheet chill roll stack with 16" wide x 20" OD with individual motors, hydraulic roll loading and rotary unions for roll cooling/heating. 

Spare polished chrome rolls and matte finish rolls.

Still installed as operated until June 25 2021.

this line has made sheet from .004" - .010" thick

New 1984 with laboratory use only. 


ManufacturerDavis Standard laboratory sheet line
Stock NumberCONS 4583-0025