1999 COMCO 11 color Flexo Label Press


1999 COMCO 11 color Flexo Label Press


Comco 11 color Flexo Label Press

22" web width

turret unwind and rewind

water based lamination station included

1999, 22", 1/8" & 1/16" Gearing, 32" Print Repeat, 11 Chill Rolls, Automatic Throws / Constant Turn Anilox Rolls, 11 Quick Change Anilox Assemblies, 11 Dr. Blade Assemblies, 2 Product Rewinds, 40" Rewind Diameter, 1 Laminator, 1 Electronic Edge Guide, 1 Turn-bar, 2 GEW 500-WPI Single-Lamp UV Units, 11 Automatic Registration Units, (11) 360 degree Register Units, 11 Motorized Registration Units, 1 Video Web Inspection System,  Web Cleaning System, Approx. 27 Ceramic Anilox Rolls, Approx. 84 Plate Cylinders,


Notes: Includes gas fired drying system in P/S 1-10, chambered dr. blade assy's, UV lamination in P/S 11, forward/reverse print in P/S 1, KTI LS butt splicer on unwind, KTI MR two-spindle turret rewind, KTI lam unwind w/web guide, 2012 Enercon Compak 2000 corona treater and 2006 Carrier Aqua-Snap 22-ton chiller. Complete press rebuild in 2012.

1.       In addition Water based lamination capabilities in station 11 with run speeds up to 425fpm depending on structure.

2.       Enercon Treater rebuilt on 6/5/2020.

3.       Coating sleeve cylinder and sleeve change out air stand for glue station.

4.       Extensive plate cylinder library

5.       Additional doctor blade chambers


ManufacturerCOMCO 11 color Flexo Label Press
Serial Number99 1206
Stock Number9999-02