2005 Kiwi 1141T flexo in line printer (2 lanes)

2005 Kiwi 1141T flexo in line printer (2 lanes)

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Kiwi model 1141T flexo printer

max web width 48"

two heads

print width 10" each head

print repeat range 13"-13.75"

.25hp drive motor

neoprene ink roller

UV dryer included

-                      A ¼ Hp DC motor drives (220volts, Single Phase, 60 Hz) all rolls via chain drive to a maximum speed of 50 FPM.

-                      Hand wheel lateral adjustment of the two presses

-                      Split bearing bearings to facilitate quick cylinder changes

-                      Print cylinder diameter is 3.729 inches set-up for .127” thick plates for the required repeat.

-                      maximum print width of 10 inches on each of the two presses.

-                      Printing plates and ink by customer

-                      Four additional quick change print cylinders for pre-mounting of plates

-                      Welded tubular stand with a 49” driven common impression roller to support two presses.

-                      The printer station is designed to accept a second printer station at a later date to accommodate two color printing on each web with a registration of +/- 1/8th inch.

-                      Includes required idlers.

-                      Two Kiwi flexographic printing presses driven by a common DC motor

-                      Two roller inking systems with a recirculation pump.

corona treater available also, can be quoted


Model1141T flexo