1994 Hauser QLA1000 cross cutter sheeter

1994 Hauser QLA1000 cross cutter sheeter

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Used 60" Hauser model QLA1000 cross cutter/sheeter designed for flexible materials.  Consisting of a 60" single position shafted unwind for 30" diameter rolls (possible 40" diameter) which is directly hooked into a mag power TC-5 torque controller and accumulator.  With 59" X 4" driven air operated nip section.  With (1) steel roll and (1) cork covered roll.  Has (2) .25 HP adjustable edge trim knives which are 8" in diameter.  Has pneumatic hold down bar and finger pull for adjustable length, and hydraulic stacking table and safety bar.  Controlled by a Siemens Coros OT-15 system.


ModelQLA1000 cross cutter sheeter
Serial Number94-5905