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POUCH MAKING MACHINE Model KS-DSUP-400 Compact, single lane, quick changeover pouch machine, designed for short-run high performance production of: 2-side-seal pouches with/without zipper 3-side-seal pouches with/without zipper Stand-up pouches with/without zipper High Speed Machine Mechanical speed: 200cpm Estimated production speed: ≥130 cpm – 15m/min Main Features Compact machine (short and narrow) Easy to use machine; and easier for inexperienced operators to learn Very low scrap rate during machine start-up. Machine has integrated ramp speed that is controllable through the HMI. This allows the machine to run at high speeds consistently after being setup at lower speed (reducing waste). Also, provides maximum film control whenstarting and stopping at high speeds. All stations are linked, in machine direction, to be moved all together according to printing or cutting position (provision to store station positioning settings in recipe). No maintenance flying knife (no-tool fast blade replacement); guillotine as optional. Digital printing friendly, compliant to Industry 4.0, CE Certified (UL on request) Machine equipped with up to 6 servo motors; alternatively, all stations can be independently servo controlled. Low maintenance requirements; easy access to all stations for maintenance Quick Changeover Machine Low waste during startup/changeover Easy to operate & control Tool-less machine for fast changeovers Splicing table for ease of operation during roll change, with integrated pneumatic film clamping system to maintain film tension throughout the machine PLC/HMI Control Intuitive user-friendly HMI (touchscreen), easy for new operators without any specific skill. All temperatures are controlled via the HMI touchscreen. Machine can store hundreds of preset recipes for quick changeovers. Film Control Motor driven unwind with tension control to maintain constant tension throughout the unwind station. Ultrasonic edge guide system for smooth and consistent web tracking. Nip rollers are servo-motor driven and pneumatically adjustable for excellent film control as it passes through the machine. 3 Servo driven draw rollers Machine has eye mark sensor for precise positioning of sealing and punching. Machine has linear potentiometer-controlled dancer arms in conjunction with the nip rollers to adjust for print repeat issues. This equates to very little movement and ability to help correct bad repeats for consistent pouch production. Products that can be manufactured on the machine 2-side-seal pouches (from 1 web folded) o Without zipper on 1 line o With zipper on 1 line o Width range  80-350mm o Height range  80-400mm 3-side-seal pouches (from 1 web folded) o Without zipper 1 line o With zipper 1 line Stand-up pouches (from 1 web folded) o Width range 80-350mm o Height range 100-350mm o Folded gusset range (Gusset depth) 25-65mm Machine Specifications Maximum machine speed Mechanical speed 200cpm Estimated production speed ≥130 cpm – 15m/min** Material width Max. 840mm Material diameter Max. 800mm Material core I.D. 76mm (3”) Installation area (LxWxH) 8300x2000x2200mm*** Air requirements 6Bar/90PSI 15L/min. Power 3ph+N, 400V, 50/60Hz, 32Kw**** **Speed and pouch making capacity depends on film material specs (structure and thickness), pouch sizes and shapes, zipper specs.


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