37" PCMC model 7658 VISION II

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37" PCMC model 7658 VISION II -Min film width-18.5 inch modified to accommodate 12 inches -Max film width- 37 inch -Max O.D rewind- 24 inch -Max O.D unwind- 24 inch -Min print width-12 inch -Max print width-35 inch -Actual drum width- 38 inch -Actual sleeve width-36.5 -Min repeat- 12 inch -Repeat max- 24 inch -Max number of colors 8 -Core size rewind/unwind 3 and 6 inch -Max speed- 800 fpm -Randolph ink pumps on 8 decks with forward and reverse -In line Norcross viscosity units -Dryers are natural gas, tunnel and between color -Mandrels stay in the machine and sleeves are inserted to obtain repeat -Press will come with and assortment of aniloxes and print sleeves and comps -Quick change overs, and user-friendly functions FYI--Cylinders and comps are set up to run a .067 thou plate with .020 thou sticky backor you can also run .107 thou plate and .020 thou sticky back mounted on the face of the cylinder with no comp to achieve the desired repeat


Model7658 VIsion II
Stock Number9999-01