CCS Budget Winders

CCS Budget Winders

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CCS Budget Winder

With the simple yet effective design of CCS Machinery's budget winders, winding and quick roll transfers in confined spaces become hassle free for the operator. 

These budget winders come equipped with our standard safety torque control feature over the spindle shafts during roll transfer along with bi-directional winding. Optional features include light curtain configurations, a bag/feet counter, and an in-feed nip roll assembly with dancer control. 

Budget winder safety features

Our budget winders have a “Low Torque Mode” safety circuit for the operators during a spindle transfer. What this does is when the operator initiates the transfer of the web to the new spindle, the new spindle automatically enters a safety low torque mode. This new spindle will not go to full torque mode until the operator is out of the light curtain area after splicing the web to the new core, and presses the “Start” button. This prevents major harm from happening to the operator should their arm get wrapped up in the new spindle during a web transfer.

Below are the sequence of events to splice onto a new roll:

The full roll will be winding in Full Torque Mode. The operator presses “Transfer” on the new spindle. This new spindle will be in Low Torque Mode and the operator can splice to it. Once the splice is complete, the operator presses “Stop” on the full roll, and then presses “Start” on the new roll to switch it to full torque mode once he is out of the light curtain area. Only one spindle can be in Full Torque mode at a time.

These winders are built to your specifications, please let us know your web width (ex/ 54", 64", 74" 84") and we will be happy to quote.