CCS Cantilevered Winders

CCS Cantilevered Winders

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CCS Machinery cantilevered winders provide automatic precise tension control with single to multi-position fixed shaft spindles or an automatic turret for rapid transfers while allowing easy spindle access.

Optional Features:

  • In-feed nip
  • Slitting assembly
  • Automatic guiding
  • Dancer accumulator for stop-and-go roll transfer
  • Pull rolls
  • Outboard supports


  • 24" Cantilevered Winder With Nip and Dancer Accumulator For Stop-And-Go Operation
  • Lightweight 40"Cantilevered Winder Capable Of Being Moved With A Pallet Jack
  • 15" Cantilevered Winder With Nip and Oscillating Base
  • Lightweight 52" Cantilevered Winder Capable of Bing Moved With A Pallet Jack


Model15", 24", 40", 52"