CCS Automatic Coreless Winders

CCS Automatic Coreless Winders

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CCS Machinery provides Automatic Coreless Winders with Auto-Cut transfers, automatic tape application, and automatic roll discharge capabilities! A nip station and film accumulation station are provided. This system design allows customers to run product of different thicknesses, speeds, widths, and roll diameters all while reducing operation costs with the removal of unnecessary labor! 

Standards Features:

  • Precisely sized motors and drives to handle your most extreme requirements
  • COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) parts used to allow for quick access to spares
  • Automated pressure control through the PLC
  • Automatic Tape applicator
  • Automatic Roll discharging
  • Ability to automatically start winding new rolls
  • Film accumulator
  • Precise tension control
  • Complete machine control from the HMI
  • Recipe Storage for machine settings
  • Self-Diagnosing system in the event of errors
  • FAQs section on the HMI
  • Lay-on roll carriage
  • Servo Motors
  • Closed-loop nip and spindle control
  • Remote access for servicing
  • Leading edge safety features