NEW (made-to-order) Techflow Patented Stackable (COEX) Dies

NEW (made-to-order) Techflow Patented Stackable (COEX) Dies

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After several years of R & D and testing, we are pleased to offer Techflow’s patented “Dual Spiral System” under Canadian Patent #2,308,128 and United States Patent #6,343,919 It is based on a new concept to produce single or multi-layer blown film. Ongoing research has produced a die that is unique and offers benefits not available anywhere on the modular die market.

The Value of Co-Extrusion In the packaging or blow molding market, where suppliers are struggling to keep up with the ever changing industry requirements, the constant objective is to improve co-extruded film or blow molded products performance. This includes extending the shelf life of packaged products or providing stronger more flexible films all at reduced costs. The successful supplier must be able to adapt to the changing pressure of the dynamic market place to continuously improve their package. To do this, the successful packaging supplier must have the most versatile equipment that can accommodate a vast array of potential structures at low production costs. Multi layer co-extrusion can help suppliers stay ahead of the competition. Producing co-extruded product structures with more layers results in stronger more economic structures enhancing the polymer’s unique properties in combination with the reduction of the unfavorable attributes of some polymers. Co-extrusion brings out the best properties of the individual polymers in the film structure.