NEW (made-to-order) Techflow 2000 PLUS Winders

NEW (made-to-order) Techflow 2000 PLUS Winders

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Techflow Design’s 2000 PLUS allows processors and converters to obtain excellent product quality and enhanced practicality while reducing the amount of raw materials wasted during job change over. The quality of the finished rolls is often adversely affected by variation in winding tension and excessive winding pressure. As a result, telescoping, inconsistent roll tension and similar defects are the main sources of high scrap rates and lost profits. Although a lot depends on the quality of the extrusion system, the winder at the end can make a “world of difference”. In its basic version, the 2000 PLUS winder already features many items that once used to be very expensive options. Full electronic web tension control, with the option of either 73 mm or 148 mm winding shafts are just some of the standard features. Axial assisted winding for heavy gauge or slippery films, gap winding with taper tension control for pressure sensitive films, face-to-face execution of double station winding are just a few of the options available. Most of these options are modular, allowing for retrofitting to existing extrusion lines. The net result allows converters to customize the winder to their exact needs.

Standard features:

  • Electronic web tension control by load cells
  • Adjustable pneumatic lay-on-pressure
  • Hydraulic roll unloading
  • Edge slitting knives and 3 roll slitting knives, double blade
  • Pneumatic winding shaft magazine for up to 3 shafts per station
  • Winding shaft diameter change-over with key-switch
  • Walk-around platform on the nip section of double station winders

(Note: since both 73 mm and 148 mm winding shafts can be used, no shafts are included in the basic winder price and are separately quoted).

Optional Features:

  • Extra slitting knives
  • Slitting knife assembly oscillation to prolong blade life
  • Water cooled cylinders to avoid post winding shrinkage of treated film
  • Winding shaft handling hoists
  • Chrome plated winding drum instead of rubber coated
  • Gap winding with taper tension control
  • Axial assisted drive of winding shafts
  • Various forms of edge trim evacuation
  • Face to Face execution
  • Integration of electronics for retrofitting onto existing extrusion lines
  • High speed versions for integration into cast film lines