NEW (made-to-order) Uteco Onyx XS Flexo Printer

NEW (made-to-order) Uteco Onyx XS Flexo Printer

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Made-to-order Onyx XS Flexo Printer

The Uteco solution for very short print runs The compact flexographic press of the Onyx range is designed for very short runs and efficient printing of flexible packaging and labels.

  • Flexographic printing
  • Short runs
  • Labels and adhesive labels
  • Flexible packaging

Onyx XS responds specifically to the goal of optimizing the printing of very short runs on both flexible packaging and labels.

Its design makes it flexible to different configurations: with shaftless single shaftless unwinder/rewinder or with automatic on-the-flying change, with air drying system, with UV lamps and units for printing with EB inks. The configuration itself makes interventions on the machine easier to manage: cleaning and maintenance of the intercolor units is easy because they can be extracted from the machine, moved and rotated for easier and more precise work.

Finally, the patented ShopWare® interface allows precise management of production monitoring and control activities.


ModelOnyx 865
Mechanical speed (m/min)300
Min. print repeat (mm)240 / 310
Max. print repeat (mm)650
Print widths (mm)620 / 1020
Material widths (mm)650 / 1050
Inkswater based - solvent based, UV/EB
Tension range (dan)2 + 60
Reel diameter (mm)800 - 1000
Dimensions (m)10 x 4.3 x 5.4