NEW (made-to-order) Uteco DuaLam Coater and Laminator

NEW (made-to-order) Uteco DuaLam Coater and Laminator

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Made-to-order DuaLam Coater and Laminator

The Uteco machine with the most advanced solventfree laminating system The new laminating and coating machine with innovative laminating system DuaLam. It is suitable for coating bi-component solventless adhesive tapes with high efficiency, based on instant polymerization.

  • Laminating and coating
  • Short and medium runs
  • Film, paper and aluminum
  • Food & liquid packaging

The DuaLam is equipped with the innovative laminating system developed by Sun Chemical, that allows the application of the solventeless adhesive with the guarantee of high performances and sustainability at the same time.

Thanks to the technology for the application of a bi-component adhesive with two coating groups – one solventless and the other semiflexo - the DuaLam incredibly reduces the timing for the use of the laminated material, while maintaining the best productivity and a sustainable process: the laminated materials can be re-used after just 24 hours, with a consequent decrease in storage costs.

The standard configuration includes the infrared technology, for the uniformity control of coated adhesive, and the automatic washing system at the end of the job.


ModelDuaLam Standard
Max/min material width (mm)750-1550
Max coating width (mm)700 - 1500
Min coating width (mm)730
Max coating speed (m/min)500
Unwid./rewin. max diameter (mm)1000
Film tension (dan)3 ÷ 40
Max reel weight (kg)1500
Min. size (m)9.6 x 4.5 x 3.2