NEW (made-to-order) Uteco Next 350 Roto Printing Press

NEW (made-to-order) Uteco Next 350 Roto Printing Press

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Made-to-order Next 350 Roto Printing Press

The rotogravure for all print runs Very high quality and low operating costs in an innovative configuration for rotogravure printing.

  • Rotogravure printing
  • Short, medium and long runs
  • Plastic, Paper, Cardboard
  • Food & liquid packaging, Industrial Films

Next 350 is the ideal gravure printing machine for short, medium and long runs. This machine marries the Next 450 basic concept - guaranteeing a faster job change and reducing set-up times through automatic solutions - achieving even more challenging goals: keeping very high print quality, reducing operational costs for each run.

The Next 350 can be customized according to the customer's printing needs, for example by inserting different types of winders and unwinders, including shaftless ones, and in-line units to perform different types of coating or lamination.

From food packaging for fresh and frozen foods to beverages, from packaging for tissues and medicines to industrial packaging and office products: the Next 350 can print multiple types of flexible packaging on multiple materials.


ModelNext 350
Material widths (mm)1050 - 1350
Printing repeats (mm)450 / 920
Maximum speed (m/min)350
Tension range (dan)4 + 50
Hoods length (m)1.5 - 2.2 m on the last 2.4 + 2.4 m
Inkswater based, solvent based
Reels diameter (mm)1000
Dimensions (m)30 x 5 x 6,5