NEW (made-to-order) Uteco Sapphire EVO W Digital Printer

NEW (made-to-order) Uteco Sapphire EVO W Digital Printer

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Made-to-order Sapphire EVO Wide Digital Printer

Expanding the potential of digital printing with very high resolutions Greater printing width and superior output quality in the premium configuration of the Uteco digital range.

  • Digital printing
  • Short and medium runs
  • Film, Aluminum, Paper
  • Flexible packaging, Food & liquid packaging

Uteco Sapphire EVO W combines all the advantages of digital technology with superior print quality. Its configuration, with Kodak Utrastream Continuous InkJet, is ideal for short and medium runs because it allows you to optimize production times, thanks to very fast job changes, reducing operating costs and keeping productivity high.

It can manage larger printing repeats than the M version and reach quality standards at the highest levels on multiple materials, including plastic films, and for different types of flexible packaging: food bags, labels, beverage packages.

In addition, it helps to respect the environment thanks to the exclusive use of water-based inks.

Sapphire EVO W configuration can be customized according to specific printing needs.


ModelSapphire EVO W 130
Material width (mm)1350
Printing width (mm)1260
Min repeat (mm)-
Max repeat (mm)1370
Continuous print repeat
Number of colors4 (CMYK)
Resolution600*1800 dpi
Mechanical speed (m/min)200
Voltage range (n)3÷54
Reels diameter (mm)1000
Dimensions (min.) (mm)19000 x 4100 x 7800